My Personal Favorites:

    • My favorite crime fiction series. Follows troubled detective Harry Hole (pronounced "Hoo-lay") as he battles his inner demons and the criminals of Oslo, Norway. Atmospheric, addictive, and gritty—no one writes crime fiction better than Jo Nesbø. My personal favorite: THE SNOWMAN. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble
  • THE CROW GIRL by Erik Axl Sund
    • The Swedish trilogy hits the US spring 2016 as one massive tome. The most intelligent, layered, jarring exploration of mental health I've ever read, and arguably my favorite book of all time. Not for the faint of heart, and not to be missed. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble
  • THE DINNER by Herman Koch (Hogarth, 2013).
    • A misanthropic narrator grants the reader a glimpse into a dysfunctional family covering up past crimes. This biting read is structured to mirror the dinner at which it occurs; readers will love the story but hate the family it follows. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble

Psychological ThrillerS:

  • THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 by Ruth Ware (Gallery Books, 2016).
    • A modern twist on a locked room mystery: a travel writer's trip on a luxury cruise through Norway's fjords goes horribly awry when she witnesses a woman being thrown overboard.  Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble
  • BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by B.A. Paris (St. Martin's Press, 2016).
    • An addictive and sinister domestic thriller that examines the dark secrets kept between husband and wife. How well do we ever really know our neighbors, or our friends? Or our spouses? Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble
  • THE CHILD by Fiona Barton (Berkley, June 2017).
    • When the skeleton of an infant is found in a building site in London, a journalist delves into the secret lives of three women living in the neighborhood at the time of the child's death. Character-driven and immersive suspense, with a bit slower pacing. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble

Cops vs. Killers:

THE D.I. HELEN GRACE SERIES by M.J. Arlidge (Berkley)

  • Above and beyond my most-recommended series for fast-paced, addictive cops vs. killers action. Follow Detective Inspector Helen Grace as she faces off against killers in her city, and demons from her own past. Book 1: EENY MEENY. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble

THE FOURTH MONKEY by JD Barker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, June 2017).

  • A unique twist on the serial killer thriller. This book begins with the serial killer dying, and follows his development as we read through the entries in a journal he left behind. Simultaneously, detectives race to rescue his final victim, who is being held in an unnamed location. Violent, twisted, and addictive. Find it here: Amazon • Barnes & Noble