Crime on the Go: CBTB's favorite podcasts

Crime on the go: CBTB’s favorite true crime & crime fiction podcasts

Yesterday on my Instagram, I shared a picture of one of my new favorite podcasts, LIMETOWN, and asked you to share your favorite podcasts with me. I ended up getting a seriously awesome list of recommendations from you all (THANK YOU!) and wanted to share the podcast love!

I’m a self-proclaimed podcast fiend—I listen to them all day at work, when I’m driving, when I’m cleaning my room, you get the picture. This means I’m always look for new podcasts to add to my rotation. Unsurprisingly, I primarily listen to crime podcasts, with a few news shows thrown in the mix. Without further ado, here are my most favorite crime podcasts: some true, some fictional, and all guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!


1. SWORD AND SCALE: sometimes the worst monsters are human.

Hosted and created by Mike Boudet, SWORD AND SCALE is a true crime podcast detailing the worst of humanity. Mike Boudet presents a new topic every other week; some episodes focus on one particular case, and some episodes focus on a particular theme. Each episode is carefully crafted, complete with interviews, audio recordings, and expert testimony. I have been listening to SWORD AND SCALE since its inception, and I am a HUGE fan. Sometimes the truth is even scarier than fiction, and Sword and Scale will prove that to you.  

Avg. episode length: 1 hour // More info:

2. THINKING SIDEWAYS: investigating things we simply don’t have the answer to.

Meet Devin, Joe, and Steve. This entertaining group investigates a new unsolved mystery every week on their addictive podcast, THINKING SIDEWAYS. Every Thursday, they’ll introduce you to a new mystery—some criminal, some supernatural, and some just totally bizarre. Each episode has the same format: one of the team members will present the facts of the case, and then the group will discuss any and all existing theories to explain the mystery. This isn’t a show about solving mysteries, it’s a show about exploring possibilities. I listen to THINKING SIDEWAYS religiously, and find myself laughing along with this group’s awesome dynamics while learning about some seriously fascinating unsolved mysteries.

Avg. episode length: 1 hour // More info:


3. LORE: sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

LORE is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the facts behind the “people, places, and things of our darkest nightmares.” Host Aaron Mahnke is an author of a number of supernatural thriller novels, and a professional designer.  His podcast presents listeners with spooky, spine-tingling retellings of real life events, ranging from murders to alleged hauntings. LORE will more than fulfill your quota for creepy stories that stick with you after the episode is over. (One of my favorite episodes involved a haunted doll that terrorized a young boy—I didn’t look at my childhood toys the same way after that one.) Aaron Mahnke is a great storyteller, and though brief, each episode thoroughly envelops you in its story.

Avg. episode length: 20 minutes // More info:

INSTAGRAM FAVORITES: These are two of the awesome podcasts you guys mentioned to me on Instagram. I’ve started listening both of these, and I absolutely LOVE them. Thanks to everyone who shared their favorites with me!!

1. BLACK TAPES: a docu-drama in the style of SERIAL, this podcast follows a journalist investigating the paranormal, the enigmatic scientist who becomes her subject, and the “literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both.” I’m 1 episode in, and I’m TOTALLY addicted. This one is destined to become a favorite of mine!!

2. DETECTIVE: a new podcast from Investigation Discovery, Season 1 of detective features an ex-homicide detective recalling his real-life experience in his 23-year career. This podcast takes an honest look at detective work, and provides some really fascinating insights into what it’s really like to investigate the most heinous crimes.